College president discusses how investment in college strengthen's local economy

At the “Report to the Community Breakfast” on December 13, Taft College Superintendent/President Dr. Debra S. Daniels spoke with local community leaders about the economic impact the college makes locally and regionally in Western Kern County.

In fiscal year 2017-18 alone, Taft College’s total economic impact was a $42.9 million contribution to the regional economy, the equivalent of supporting 422 regional jobs. Taft College supported one out of every 28 regional jobs in FY 2017-18. Contributing to the local economy in FY 2017-18, Taft College paid over $45,000 to local caterers for local events, over $500,000 to local vendors for services, over $100,000 in no-cost student internships in local businesses, and over $225,000 in dental hygiene services to local community member

“Taft College is committed to the financial sustainability of the greater Taft community,” Daniels said

The Emsi report concludes that Taft College is a strong investment for all three major stakeholder groups—students, taxpayers, and society. Students receive a return of $5.10 for their investment of every dollar in a Taft College Education. Taxpayers’ investment in Taft College returns more to state and local government budgets than it costs. Taft College benefits society as a whole in California by creating a more prosperous economy and generating a variety of savings through improved student lifestyles.