Sheriff Bryan Sellman and Wooden Nickel Gang's Shamus McNasty to get a fresh shave Saturday at Bangs and Tangles

In 1940, the Oildorado Whiskerino Contest got its start, and the event has been growing in popularity every sense.  
With Oildorado 2020 now just nine months away, Sheriff Bryan Sellman and Wooden Nickel Gang leader Shamus McNasty will be at Bangs and Tangles on Saturday, January 4 at high noon to get a fresh shave for the official kick-off for Oildorado celebration. Everyone will have any opportunity to get a clean shave or register if you already have shaved. Any help sending this to your family and friends would be appreciated!
Do you think you have what it take to grow a champion of a beard or mustache?! Or do you want to defend your title as a previous year winner?! The time has come time to register!! Contest will be held October 11, 2020!