Copus, Cadet, Enos Lane also blocked off


 Numerous roads within a six-mile radius of the chemical leak on South Lake Road have been closed, including Golf Course Road and both entrances to Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area.

Here is a list of closures from the Kern County Roads Department

•Golf Course Road from Highway 119 (west) to Highway 119 (east)

•South Lake Road from Gardner Field Road to Hill Road.

•Basic School Road from Highway 166 to Cadet Road

•Cadet Road At Gardner Field Road.

•Lake Station Road at Gardner Field Road.

•Union Road from Enos Lane to Coles Levee Road

•Bear Mountain Blvd from Old River Road to Coles Levee Road

•Coles Levee Road from Union Road to Peiri Road.

•Ironbark Road at Golf Course Road.

•Enos Lane From Union Road