College board acts in opposition to Newsom's regulations

 The West Kern Community College District Board of Trustees has added its voice to the opposition to Gov. Gavin Newsom's regulations on the states oil industry.

At a recent meeting, the Board approved a resolution to support the petroleum industry then sent it to the Governor and other elected officials.
"For decades, Taft College has relied on and benefited from important petroleum industry relationships," Taft College spokesperson Susan Groveman said in a news release. "Oil and gas company partners donate funds for essential facilities and classroom equipment upgrades so Taft College can continuously educate current and prospective industry professionals in state-of-the-art, clean petroleum production processes and techniques."

In addition, the resolution states, the college relies heavily on property tax from oil-producing lands for its revenue.

Here is the text of the resolution:

West Kern Community College District

Board Of Trustees

Declaration of Support for Petroleum Industry


WHEREAS, the West Kern Community College District proclaims support of the continuance of the petroleum industry in the State of California; and

WHEREAS, the West Kern community relies on the support and financial benefit from the petroleum industry partners located in and around the District boundaries; and

WHEREAS, the current and prospective students have received monetary and professional support from petroleum industry partners in an effort to encourage and sustain mathematical, science and technical education; and

WHEREAS, the West Kern Community College District supplies the petroleum industry with local prospective employees with technical skills and knowledge that makes them job ready for the industry: and

WHEREAS, the nearly 100 year history of the West Kern Community College District has a tradition of partnering with petroleum professionals for the purpose of mentoring and career selection; and

WHEREAS, West Kern Community College District has continuously upgraded facility and classroom

equipment in part due to generous donations from petroleum industry partners to continue to teach

perspective industry professionals in modern and clean ways to continue petroleum production; and

WHEREAS, the reduction or ceasing of petroleum production would dramatically impact the District through reduced property taxes and the surrounding community through reduced employment and business interaction.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Trustees of the West Kern Community College District supports the continued responsible production of petroleum in the State of California, specifically in Kern County.

IN WITNESS of the adoption of the foregoing Resolution 2019/20-13 at a duly called regular meeting of the West Kern Community College Board of Trustees held the 15th day of January, 2020; the following members of the said Board have affixed their signatures.


Dawn Cole, President Dr. Kathy Orrin, Trustee

Emmanuel Campos, Secretary Billy White, Trustee

Michael Long, Trustee Dr. Debra Daniels

Superintendent/ President