Two have already pleaded no contest to Christmas Day break-in at Napa Auto Parts

Taft Police have have now arrested three men in connection with a Christmas Day burglary at a downtown auto parts business.

Two of the suspects have pleaded no contest and are awaiting sentencing to charges related to a break-in at the Napa Auto Parts store on the 500 block of Main Street. Police said the suspects forced entry into the store and stole multiple items.
The third suspect was arrested last week and is scheduled to be in court on Friday

Police arrested Dustin Jeffery Perry 30, on Dec. 30 and Richard Ray Baumstark, 41, last week.

Both are being held in Kern County Sheriff's custody.
Perry pleaded no contest to burglary and vandalism charges and other counts, including possession of stolen property and drug charges, were dismissed.

Baumstark is scheduled to be in court on Friday for a pretrial hearing on burglary and vandalism charges.
The third suspect, Zeus Arceneaux, 29, was arrested on Jan. 3 and is awaiting sentencing on Feb. 10 after he pleaded no contest to burglary at a preliminary hearing in January.

Arceneaux was contacted by officers investigating a shoplifting incident when they developed information that led to his arrest for the Napa burglary.