Meals and supervision will be available

The Maricopa Union School District announced that it will close starting Thursday but the campuses will remain open for students that need school services, including meals.

Parents that want supervisor for their children can still send them to school.

School will be in session through Wednesday as normal.

Starting on Thursday the following is being planned subject, to change:

•Schools must still provide supervision for all students/parents that need services. All staff will continue to come to work each closed school day between Thursday, March 19 and Friday March 27

•Parents that need supervision services can choose to send or not send students to school starting Thursday.  Students that come to school will be provided lessons and those that chose not to come to school will have a daily packet of work that will need to be completed and turned in on April 14.

•Breakfast and lunch will continue to be provided on campus to all students during the closure.

Many details are still being worked out at the State, County, and District levels. More information will follow.