All offices closed to public

 All Kern County are now closed and non-essential county workers have been sent home after a state of emergency was declared in Kern County

That includes the Kern County Human ServIces and Sheriff's substation in Taft.
The measures are scheduled to be in effect until April 14. Alsop said he was taking the steps to "avoid a mass outage of our workforce" and keep county services operating during this exceptional time.
Libraries will be shuttered and the animal shelters will be closed to the public. However, emergency services will remain fully staffed and the airport and county parks will remain open.
Essential services that will remain in operation include:

•Meals on Wheels deliveries will continue but senior centers will close

•Agricultural Commissioner's office will continue monitoring for exotics pests and provide export certification inspections for produce shippers as needed

•The Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office is closed to the public but property taxes are still due April 10. Taxpayers can pay taxes online and by mail.

•The county elections office will be open for observers and vote counting will continue.

•Behavioral Health & Recovery Services clinics will remain open with minimal staffing and the mobile evaluation team will still operate. The crisis hotline will remain active.

•Child Support Services will be available by phone and appointment.

•The District Attorney's Office and Kern Regional Crime Lab will operate at minimal staffing levels. 

•The Human Services Department will provide all critical services with minimal staffing between 7:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

•County parks will be open and patrolled by rangers. No overnight camping is allowed at this time.

For a full list of county services impacted by the state of emergency, visit

"It's not just about employee's interactions with the public every day but interaction with each other. We've got 8,000 employees," Alsop said.

"We're simply taking people offline ... that don't need to be on the front line of dealing with this," he said.