Breakfast and lunch available at 3 campus sites and several other areas

Taft Union High School will be providing to-go meals  starting THursday to its students and all school-aged community children indefinitely both at its campus and at several rural locations.
The meals will be served Monday through Friday through April 13 (excluding holidays) so they will be available during the previously scheduled spring break.

TUHS will be serving meals at three separate sites on ca.m.pus. Meals will daily be offered and served from 10:30 p.m.through 12:30 p.m. at
•Taft Union HS Cafeteria Drop-Off - 701 Wildcat Way
•CTEC (former ROP) Parking Lot - 900 9th St.
•Buena Vista HS Parking Lot - 900 N. Tenth St.

The school will also be delivering meals to outlying communities of Derby Acres, Dustin Acres, Valley Acres, McKittrick and Belridge.

Delivery will be made to these locations stops on all operating days on the following schedule. Times may very and people are asked to be patient.
•10:30 a.m. - Belridge Tanks
•11:00 a.m. - 33 & E (at the market) in McKittrick
•11:30 a.m. - Park in Derby Acres and Sunridge Road in Dustin Acres
•12:00p.m. - Fellows Post Office and Clubhouse/Park in Valley Acres

These meals will be served in a drive-up grab-n-go (pre-packaged) fashion and, in most situations, students/school-age community members participating will always be present to receive the meals.

If anyone needs special accommodations, contact the cafeteria ( 661-763-2304).

The meals handed out each day will consist of the current day’s lunch meal and the next day’s breakfast.