Food service will continue until all students leave. Some live as far away as Australia, Japan

Taft College is rapidly shutting down and the students living on campus in the residence halls and the Transition to Independent Living Program are leaving.

The college was transitioning to distance learning only when the order came from Gov. Gavin Newsom Thursday night for all people in California to stay at home except for essential errands of jobs.

"Non-essential staff have been told to shelter in place," TC spokesman Susan Groveman said. "Just a few of us are here today wrapping things up."

The TIL program has 48 students enrolled with 27 living on the TC campus in the Transition to Independent Living Center and 21 living on their own in the community.

All should be gone by Sunday, Groveman said as parents or guardians come to the college to pick them up.

They were reluctant to leave the program, she said.

"Some TIL students did not want to leave, so it took some convincing. But, they are all leaving," Groveman said. Parents of TIL students must pick them up. We won’t allow them to take public transit."
There are two other residence halls on the campus. Most of the students living there are athletes.

Basketball Coach Carly Flowers said most of the students had already left by later morning and only four or five remained.

Some athletes live in Hawaii and Puerto Rico and outside the United States in Canada, Japan and Australia.

All the international students have been able to get home, Flowers said.

The TC food service program is still operating for the students still on campus and will remain open until the last students leave, Groveman said.