Students will finish the year distance learning

Schools are not going to reopen before the end of the 2019-20 school year and students are going to finish the spring semester learning from home.

The Kern County Superintendent of Schools is going along with recommendations from Gov. Gavin Newsom and State Supt. of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond.

Both said there's no way schools can reopen any time soon, given the estimates it will take for the coronavirus to subside. 

The KCSOS issued a statement Wednesday afternoon.

"Based on the Governor’s remarks today, it is clear that school districts will continue education for the remainder of the school year through distance learning, only, and schools will remain physically closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year," the statement issued by the KCSOS read.
Thurmond set a letter to county school superintendents on Tuesday.

"Due to the current safety concerns and needs for ongoing social distancing it currently appears that our students will not be able to return to school campuses before the end of the school year,” Thurmond wrote. “This is in no way to suggest that school is over for the year, but rather we should put all efforts into strengthening our delivery of education through distance learning.”

The decision to remain closed has been under discussion for some time.

"The prospect of moving the date for school campus closures until the end of the school year is something our collective education community has been weighing very carefully," the KCSOS statement said. "Kern County’s 47 school districts and local and state partners are working diligently to continue to implement distance learning and continued nutrition services for students."

School campuses were closed on March 17 with a tentative restart date of April 14. That date was extended later to May 1.