Scrivner says BOP 'blindsided' county with TCI closure

Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner added his voice to the chorus protesting the closure of Taft Correctional Institution, criticizing what he called a lack of transparency from the federal government.

"We are all struggling to understand the motive behind the closure," he said Friday. "Something stinks here and we are not able to put our finger on it.

He said the county was blindsided by the Bureau of Prisons on the closure, and its not the first time.

"That's consistent with the lack of transparency and accountability from the get go," he added.

Like Taft Mayor Dave Noerr and Congressman Kevin McCarthy, he sees no reason to close the low security prison even with the settlement problems identified by the BOP as the reason for the closure.

He said the prison is safe, and inmates are not around the area where the settlement is.

"I've been out there," Scrivner said. "They all seem very happy, very content.”

He also said the broken pipeline that led to the settlement has been repaired.