Says moving inmates contradicts all coronavirus safety measures

Congressman Kevin McCarthy again strongly criticized the federal Bureau of Prison for closing the Taft Correctional Facility,

In a statement released Friday afternoon, the congressman echoed concerns raised by other political leaders and the Kern County Health Department that moving inmates flies in the face of safety measures that local, state and federal officials are urging the public to take.
Here is the complete statement:
“Our country is in the middle of a public health and economic crisis, and rather than working to find alternative solutions to making repairs to the TCI, the BOP has made an abrupt, unilateral decision to remove inmates, McCarthy said. "This is despite the fact that federal, state, and local public health officials continue to stress the importance of adopting measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus. I find it appalling and irresponsible that the BOP continued this week to move hundreds of inmates out of the TCI to other BOP institutions across the nation. These actions directly contradict guidance from the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with an April 1, 2020 BOP directive to limit inmate movement in response to the coronavirus. These actions also jeopardize the health and safety of the inmates and employees at the TCI, the surrounding community, and the federal officials responsible for transporting these inmates to other facilities. I will continue to press BOP Director Carvajal on the Bureau’s rationale to continue the mass transfer of inmates out of the TCI during this public health emergency, and remain strongly opposed to the closure of the TCI while repairs are made.”

The BOP began busing inmates from the facility on cadet Road and loading them on aircraft at Meadows Field to fly them to other federal facilities.