People should not try to pay taxes in person, however


Kern County Tax Assessor Jordan Kaufman has extended the deadline for the second installment of the 2019-2020 property tax bill until May 4.

That reverses an earlier statement that the deadline couldn't be extended regardless of the coronavirus pandemic and the shelter inside guidance.

Taxpayer should not try to pay in person even if the county building reopen by the deadline.
"However, even after County buildings open, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT come into the office to pay," Kaufman said."For your own health and safety, we do not want you to stand in long lines in close proximity to others.  In fact, there may still be a statewide order against gatherings that would prohibit in person payments, so people should pay on line or by mail:

•Pay online: via the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s website at

E-Checks (ACH) can be used for on-line payments with zero fees.

Credit cards and debit cards have a 2% card processing fee based on the amount of taxes paid. The 2% processing fee is the same whether you pay on-line or in person.
•Mail your check:

KCTTC Payment Center

P.O. Box 541004

Los Angeles, CA 90054-1004