County report 11 new cases overnight


Kern County's coronavirus case count increased to 210 cases Saturday morning, 11 more than Friday evening.

The Kern County Department of Public Health Services reported 205 residents and five nonresidents have tested positive here.

As of Friday morning, 26 patients had been hospitalized at some point and 33 patient with confirmed COVID-19 had recovered, spokeswoman Michelle Corson said.

Two Kern County residents have died from coronavirus.

The valley region of the county, which includes Taft, has 37 cases as of Saturday morning, according to county figures. Western Bakersfield has 92, eastern Bakersfield has 64, seven cases have been diagnosed in mountain residents and five in the desert.

So far 4,720 tests have been administered with 2,632 negative tests and 1,878 test still pending.

Three children under 17 have been diagnosed with the disease and 106 in the 18-49 age group, 61 people aged 50-64 and 35 people 65 and over have all been confirmed with coronavirus.