KC Aging and Adult Services can deliver groceries

During the Stay-At-Home order the County and Aging and Adult Services will be assisting seniors 65 years of age or older who have no other means of safely obtaining groceries from local stores, with delivery to their residence using the senior’s own funds. Orders placed will be limited to 15 nonperishable items. Please contact 661-868-1000.

To ensure our vulnerable populations are being protected during the pandemic Stay-At Home order for seniors and immunocompromised, Kern County Aging and Adult Services would like to encourage the neighbor check-ins for seniors and immunocompromised adults in accordance with the Office of the Governor.

• Be sure to limit direct contact to call or text where possible or have conversation through the door or safe distance of at least 6 feet.

• Don’t be afraid to ask how you can help them with getting groceries, medication, and other necessities or be afraid to ask for help.

• Utilize state and local services.

• Many stores are offering special times for seniors to perform shopping and/or delivery programs.

Aging and Adult Services can assist you with obtaining information on local resources and programs that can assist seniors and disabled adults by contacting 661-868-1000.

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