Several cars recovered

Local law enforcement agencies have been dealing with a series of automobile thefts over the past six weeks and police have recovered most vehicles and made four arrests.

Sgt. Corey Beilby said five vehicles have been stolen and recovered in Taft since March 3 and officers have recovered four stolen vehicles reported to other law enforcement agencies.

(At least one more stolen car has been recovered since that comment.)

Two arrests stemmed from the reported theft of an impounded vehicle.

On April 4 officers impounded a van displaying false plates after a traffic stop in the city.

It was later reported stolen from a tow yard.
The next day, officers were in Maricopa investigating another case when they spotted it parked at a residence in the 600 block of Hazelton.

After an investigation, William Phillips, 33, and Heather Romine, 31, on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle.

Two days earlier, Taft Police, assisted by Sheriff's deputies, recovered another stolen vehicle in the 700 block of Harrison Street and arrested Joey Chavez, 24, and Corey Weatherman, 25, were arrested on vehicle theft charges.