Public heath says 22 people still hospitalized

More than 600 people in Kern County have or have had coronavirus, but more than a third of them are considered to be recovered.

The latest figures released by the Kern County Health Department Saturday show 619 total confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 610 in Kern County residents.

There are now 223 people who have recovered, according to the KCDPH.
That shows an increase of 32 over Friday.

Twenty-two patients are hospitalized with the disease, the same number as Friday but a decrease of five from Wednesday.

Three people have died in the county since the COVID-19 outbreak began here a month ago.

The valley region of the county now has 75 patients.

Most of the cases, 503, are concentrated in the Bakersfield metro area and there are 15 in the mountain region and 17 in the desert region.