Twelve new cases reported in last 24 hours




Two more COVID-19 cases were reported in western Kern County in the past 24 hours, the Kern County Health Department said Wednesday.

There are now 84 cases in the valley region.

In all, the county's confirmed coronavirus case count rose by 12 to 692.

Four people have now died from COVID-19 complications, 21 are in the hospital, 365 people in isolation at home and 293 people who had the disease are now considered to be recovered.

To date, 46 children 17 and under have been diagnosed with COVID-19, 400 cases in people aged 18-49, 169 cases in people aged 50-54 and 68 people 65 and older have or have had the illness, The county still has large backlog of coronavirus tests that haven't been processed.

The Health Department said KCDPH said 3,591tests are pending and 4,923 tests have come back negative.

Most of the county's cases continue to be concentrated in the Bakersfield area.

There are 351 cases in eastern Bakersfield and 211 in western Bakersfield. The mountains have 19 cases and there are 18 in the eastern Kern County deserts.