Victim hoisted out of inaccessible area by helicopter

An injured motorcyclist was rescued from the Temblor Range south of Taft Sunday morning.

The victim was riding his dirt bike in a remote area south of 25 Hill abut 10 a.m. when he went down a steep ravine.

The crash site was just north of the top of the mountain range.

The victim, suffering from a broken leg, was in an area where he could not be reached by vehicles.

Kern County Fire Department Helicopter 408 was sent to the scene and a rescuer was lowered to him. 
He was hoisted out of the canyon and flown to Taft Airport where he was transferred to a ground ambulance for transportation to a Bakersfield hospital.

Except for the broken leg, he was in good shape, firefighters said. He is identity was not immediately available.

The entire rescue took about 90 minutes.