Health Department says more than half have have recovered

Kern County now has 818 total COVID-19 cases.

The Kern County Health Department reported 54 new cases Sunday morning.

More than half of the people diagnosed with COVID-19 - 422 - have recovered, the Health Department said.

There are 31 people in hospital isolation, according to the Health Department.

The valley region of the county, including Taft, added five new cases for a total of 98.

Most of the county's cases are concentrated in the Bakersfield area. Western Bakersfield has 241 cases and eastern Bakersfield has 432. There are 20 in the mountains and 18 in the deserts.

Updated figures from the Health Department show 60 children 17 and younger have tested positive, 476, 43 people in the 198-49 range, 193 in the 50-64 age group and 80 people are 65 and older have tested positives.

There have been four coronavirus-linked deaths in the county.