It's still in early stages and no date is set, but equipment is on order

The City of Taft is starting to take some steps to reopen city hall and move towards "normal" business.

Nothing if definite yet and no time frame has been set for getting city hall fully open.

City manager Craig Jones said equipment and supplies are on order but its just too early to say when there might be any changes.

Currently, some employees work from home and some work in the office, splitting time in shifts.

City employees are handling as much work with the public as they can over the phone, but some limited face-to-face work is being done with social distancing.

It's been working so far.

"We really haven't had any complaints because we are taking care of people as they call in," Jones said.

The city is planning to put a glass barrier in the front office and planning to limit the number of people in the lobby for safety purposes as it looks at slowly phasing back to some resemblance of the old normal.

"We're slowly ramping up and waiting for some equipment," Jones said.
The city is also ordering some PPE (personal protective equipment) for employees.

The city council and planning commission will continue to hold their meetings online.

Jones said the public seems to like that.

"We've gotten some good feedback on the online format. People seem to like that," he said.