No new cases reported in Taft or the Westside

Kern County added 22 new COVID-19 cases Monday, bringing the county total to 1,547.

However, Kern County Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop pointed out that 96 percent of the people who have tested positive for COVID-19 have either fully recovered or are recovering on their own at home.

There are 500 people still recovering at home and 36 people hospitalized Monday, Alsop said, just 2 percent of the total. Kern has 25 deaths since the first coronavirus case was reported here two months ago.

No new cases were reported on the Westside. There 20 total cases in Taft with 14 recoveries, two cases in Maricopa (one recovered) and no cases in the Fellows-Derby Acres area, McKittrick or Tupman.

The biggest problems continue to be in skilled nursing facilities in Bakersfield.

Public Health Director Matt Constantine said that, as of Friday, 11 residents of the Kingston Health Care Center have died and 49 residents and 75 employees of the facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

In addition, the state and county are working with the Valley Convalescent Hospital where 17 residents and nine employees have coronavirus.

Extensive testing is underway at San Joaquin Nursing center where 70 people were tested Friday and Saturday.