No public ceremony, but flags decorate veterans' graves

The annual West Side Cemetery District Memorial Day observance has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the graves of all veterans will be decorated with American Flags and the public is still encouraged to pay tribute individually while observing responsible social distancing

Gary Summers, commander of American Legion Post No. 63 and also a member of the cemetery district board, made this announcement.

"This was a very hard, yet necessary, decision for all parties concerned," Summers said. With social distancing still very much in effect for most everyone, we felt it our obligation for the public's safety, as well as our participant's, to cancel this year's program."

The West Side Cemetery District staff will be placing an American flag on each headstone, as well as lining the Cemetery's avenues with the larger flags. 

"To our community, please feel free to visit your loved ones and friends this Memorial Day," Summer said. "Yet, practice social distancing and respect one another's safety. Together, we will defeat this enemy virus, as we've defeated enemies in the past."