Traffic accident, warrant arrest

7:53 Animal Control  
Officer initiated activity at Sixth St/Kern St, Taft. . Disposition: Animal Pickup.

8:31 Follow Up Investigation 
Officer initiated activity at First St, Taft. Disposition: Completed.

8:45 Follow Up Investigation 
Officer initiated activity at Shalimar Dr, Bakersfield. Disposition: Completed.

8:47 Animal Control
Occurred on Lucard St. Disposition: Animal Pickup.

11:22 Pedestrian Check
Officer initiated activity at United Security Bank, Cascade Pl, Taft. . Disposition: Checks Ok.

11:31 Welfare Check - Misc. Ok.

12:10 Animal Control  
Occurred on Parkview Cr. Disposition: Animal Pickup.

1:08 Suspicious Circumstances  
Occurred at The Bank on North St. Disposition: Completed.

2:15 Hazardous Situation - Non Criminal  
Officer initiated activity at E. Main St/Adkisson Wy, Taft. Disposition: Completed.

3:55 Assist other Departments 
Occurred at Department Of Motor Vehicles on Center St. Disposition: Outside Assist.

4:21 Taft P.D. Warrant Arrest
Occurred on Wood St. Disposition: Arrest Made.

6:34 Warrant Arrest - Other Agency 
Occurred at Taft Police Department on Commerce Wy. Disposition: Arrest Made.
7:20 Traffic Stop 
Officer initiated activity at Kern St, Taft. (Hundred block.). Disposition: Warning (Verbal/Written).

7:34 Assist other Departments 
Occurred at Petroleum Club Rd/Hwy 33. Disposition: Outside Assist.

8:52 Follow Up Investigation 
Officer initiated activity at G&A Mini Mart, Kern St, Taft.Disposition: Completed.

9:28 Traffic Accident - Non Injury 
Occurred on Kern St. Disposition: Report Taken.

11:00 Noise Disturbance - Non Criminal
Occurred on Fourth St. Disposition: Completed.

11:49 False Alarms  
Occurred at Burger King on Gardner Field Rd.Disposition: False Alarm.

12:17 Follow Up Investigation 
Officer initiated activity at Terrace Dr, Taft. Disposition: Completed.

12:56 False Alarms
Occurred at Fred's Cigarette Store on Sixth St. Disposition: False Alarm.

7:00 False Alarms
Occurred at Taft City Hall on E. Kern St. Disposition: Cancel Assignment.