Arson investigators seeking suspect

Police and arson investigators are seeking a potential arson suspect after a "very suspicious" house fire in Ford City Tuesday, one where they thought there was a victim inside.

Kern County firefighters were dispatched at 12:55 p.m. to a structure fire in the 600 block of Polk Street with a report of a possible suicidal subject inside.

The found a large fire burning when they arrived.

"The entire front of the residence was on fire," Battalion Chief Cary wright said. "We were told there was a subject inside so we went into rescue mode."

Firefighters made access through an open door at the rear of the house and tried to search but were driven back by heat.

Other firefighters climbed on the roof and cut ventilation holes to free the heat, and the search and firefighting effort went on.

Firefighters got a quick knockdown on the fire, but after several searches, found no one inside.

Wright said firefighters were told a mother and her three children lived in the house.

A former husband of the woman Wright identified as the "stepdad" showed up at the house unexpectedly before the fire broke out.

Two people in the house got out safely, Wright said.

The Red Cross was being called to help the family.

Arson investigators and Taft Police are seeking a suspect, Wright said.