Event will honor first responders


The Taft District Chamber of Commerce has announced a special Cruise Night to honor First Responders, to be held on Friday, Sept. 11, beginning at 6 p.m. on Center Street.

This commemoration of the September 11th tragedy was inspired by local Dentist Dr. Sterling Bryan and Dental Hygienist Julie Ortlieb who felt this Sept. 11 should not go without some kind of recognition for First Responders, who served valiantly during the September 11, 2001 tragedy and continue selflessly to serve their communities, especially in light of the current pandemic. The Chamber agrees.

The 911 Cruise Night will begin at 6 p.m. on Center Street. Citizens of Taft will find the street “dressed up” for the occasion, thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Taft and the City of Taft. First Responders will be located centrally between Fifth and Sixth Streets near the Fox Theater Marquee and will be pleased to say hello to the people of Taft as they cruise by. We ask that the cruise keeps moving and that people observe the guidelines for the wearing of masks and for social distancing.

“We will have our normally-scheduled First Friday Cruise Night on Sept. 4, but the weather promises to be close to 100 degrees approaching the Labor Day Weekend. We are hopeful that by Sept. 11 we will be enjoying cooler temperatures. Please join us for a 911 Cruise Night on 9/11, and help us to honor the First Responders in our community,” said Kathy Orrin, executive director of the Taft Chamber.