Dozens of people wearing Trump 2020 T-shirts and MAGA hats and carrying Trump flags, American flags and (in one case) a Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag took to the streets Tuesday evening in a surprise march.

Roughly 75 people — none of whom wore masks — marched under a glowing yellow moon from City Hall up China Lake Boulevard to the Maturango Museum, stopping short of the museum’s “MASK UP” sign. Then they turned around and marched back the way they came. No violence was observed during the display, although one very young person held a plastic milk carton to cover his or her face when the DI’s camera was spotted.

Occasionally a car honked in apparent agreement. Observed among the crowd were frequent public commentator Mike Neel with his wife Marilyn Neel and Ridgecrest Mayoral candidate and current city council member Lindsey Stephens.