It's a staggered start with first graders and going first. Eighth graders return on Nov. 30

Taft City School District students are going back to school after the school board unanimously approved a hybrid reopening plan last week.

The district will phase students back into the classroom over several weeks starting on Nov. 2 with two groups. One group will attend in-person classes on Monday and Tuesday and the second attending Thursday and Friday. The campuses will be deep cleaned on Wednesday.

Currently, the tentative plan calls for transitional kindergarten and kindergarten to start school with all of the district's special day classes transitioning from the small cohort to full school on Nov. 2.

First, fourth and sixth grade students go back starting Nov. 9; second fifth and seventh start on Nov. 16; and eighth graders will return on Nov. 30 after the Thanksgiving break.

Very strict health protocols will be in place, and students will be screened before they get on buses and enter campuses, parents will be asked to screen children before they leave home. All students in third grade and above will be required to wear masks as well as teachers and staff.

Students with a fever of 100.4 or above or showing COVID-like symptoms will not be allowed on campus.

If they develop symptoms will at school, they will be placed in an isolated area until they are released to a parent.