Those 65 and older are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, according to Kern County and Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.

Details are still being worked out on how and where the vaccine will be available to this group.

RRH will likely start administering the majority of drive-by COVID-19 vaccines on Monday Jan. 18, according to Jayde Glenn from RRH.

RRH has asked those eligible to call or text the RRH booking line at 833-216-6663 to schedule an appointment for the vaccine. Calls to the line on Thursday reached a recorded message. Presumably those leaving contact information either by phone call or by text will be contacted to set up an appointment.

People who have already called RRH’s information line or contacted their primary care office are already on the vaccine waitlist and will be called to schedule an appointment, according to the RRH Facebook page.

For more information on eligible age groups and work sectors for vaccination, visit:

Visit for RRH COVID-19 Vaccine Information.

Sav-on Pharmacy at the Norma Street Albertsons in Ridgecrest is also providing COVID-19 vaccines. According to the pharmacy’s phone message, vaccines are not available to the general public at this time, but will be administered in accordance with the state and Center for Disease Control priority grouping.

To view Ridgecrest Regional Hospital's interactive map of locations that are offering vaccinations, visit:

Kern County announced Wednesday that people 65 and older were eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, effective immediately.

The news came on the heels of an announcement from the California Department of Public Health that individuals 65 or older are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines.

California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan is prioritized based on high risk groups that are defined in several phases as well as tiers within those phases.

Phase 1a tiers 1, 2 and 3 -- all of which are various types of healthcare workers -- were currently being vaccinated as of Thursday, according to the Kern County Public Health Services Department at

Phase 1b which consists of people over 65 are also currently being vaccinated according to the health department chart on the above webpage.

Tier 1 under phase 1b (not vaccinating yet as of Thursday) includes workers at risk of exposure in education; childcare; emergency services and food and agriculture.

Tier 2 under 1b (also not vaccinating yet) includes workers at risk in transportation and logistics; industrial, commercial, residential and sheltering facilities and services and clinical manufacturing as well as congregate settings with outbreak risk such as among the incarcerated and the homeless.

Phase 1c tier 1 (also not vaccinating yet) includes people 50 to 64; those 16 to 64 with underlying conditions or disabilities increasing the risk of severe COVID-19; also workers at risk of exposure in water and wastewater, defense, energy, chemical and hazardous materials, communications and IT, financial services and government operations/community-based essential functions.

People are asked to call 661-321-3000 for more information.

Residents are also urged to continue practicing healthy habits such as hand washing, physical distancing and wearing a face covering when in public.

For more information, visit the website at for current vaccination information and resources.

Note: this story has been updated to provide additional information.