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Voters approved a one-cent sales tax for the City of Taft by a large margin Tuesday.

Measure A, which city officials say is needed to continue to fund public services, was approved by nearly three-quarters of the voters.

Results posted by the Kern County Elections Department show the measure received 404 yes votes (73.99 percent) to 142 no votes (26.01 percent).

The sales tax will go into effect on taxable items sold in the city on April 1, 2022.

City officials contend they have lost $3 million to the state's "burdensome regulations and state money grabs."

The city suffered a major revenue loss when the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation closed the city-operated modified community correctional facility.

In addition, it is facing increased costs for public safety, especially fire protection.

The city's current contract with the Kern County Fire Department is being renegotiated and is expected to double from $500,000 to about $1 million in the next five years.