CRC announced last week that Carbon TerraVault, the comany's carbon management business, has assembled a consortium of organizations across industry, technology, academia, national labs, community, government, and labor, to pursue U.S. DOE funding to create the California Direct Air Capture (DAC) Hub, the state’s first full-scale DAC plus storage (DAC+S) network of regional hubs. DAC+S is a solution that can remove and then permanently store atmospheric carbon dioxide using low-carbon emission energy and provide economic benefits to surrounding communities.

The first hub is targeted to launch in Kern County, and the consortium will look to expand to other locations across the state. Each hub will provide benefits to surrounding communities, such as high-paying and permanent jobs and training programs for reskilling workers, to help California progress toward its 2030 and 2045 carbon removal goals.

The vision for California DAC Hub is to be the preeminent U.S. DAC hub developed in support of California’s leading carbon direct removal goal for DAC and provide transformative local community benefits consistent with the state’s demonstrated values. Governor Gavin Newsom has set ambitious targets for California to rapidly and permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere, and California DAC Hubs will be essential to helping achieve the Governor’s goals.