Taft Union

Taft Union High School's Board of Trustees voted Monday to approve the establishment of a district security department and a job description for a chief of security.

The move comes just three weeks before the district loses its school resource officer, a Kern County Sheriff's deputy assigned to the district.

When the department is established, the new chief will oversee the district campus supervisors in addition to many other tasks,

The job description approved by the board at a special meeting Monday morning will be required to have at least four years experience in law enforcement, as a school resource officer or in school safely management.

A bachelor's or master's degree in criminal justice, police science public administration, psychology sociology of a similar field is preferable.

The chief will be required to hold a Police Officers Standard and Training Certificate and be able to be lcensed to carry a gun on a school campus..

Schools throughout Kern County have been looking for alternatives to school resource officers since the KCSO announced early last fall that all SRO contracts would be terminated on Jan. 31.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood says his department has a shortage of deputies for patrol duty and needs the SROS to move back to street duty.