Three Westside schools have been recognized through the Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Innovative and Impactful Schools project.

Midway School, McKittrick School and Buena Vista High School were among more than two dozen individual campuses for their strategies that have proven successful in helping close the achievement gap and improving school climate. Specifically, the 2020 and 2021 recognitions honored schools for student performance in English Language Arts and Math and for reducing suspensions and chronic absence rates.

Midway and McKittrick were singled out for their growth in English language arts an math over the past three years.

Buena Vista was honored for its three-year declining percentages of chronic absenteeism and suspensions

“In the spirt of continuous improvement and collaboration, schools honored with the I2S designation agree to share their knowledge, experiences, and expertise with others to help enhance the education of all students throughout Kern County,” said Dr. Robin Shive, KCSOS Director of District Collaboration & Innovation. “The idea is not only to identify and celebrate the schools that have created a systemic approach to improving student outcomes, but to also share those best practices with other school leaders so we can all learn and grow together.”

The I2S initiative works on a 3-year cycle (2020-2022) based on three pillars

The I2S initiative works on a 3-year cycle (2020-2022) based on three pillars of success. The first year in a cycle is related to a specific aspect of academics (2020), the second year focuses on student engagement (2021), and the third year is centered on college and career readiness (2022). New focus areas and performance indicators within the pillars of success are determined every three years.