Wildcat football

Bronson Ortlieb on the run against Chavez Friday night

There was heartbreak at Friday's Homecoming game where the Taft Union High School faced off with Chavez’s Titans.

Taft came out with a dissapointing 12-7 loss

The Wildcats would struggle with their major problem being penalties once again. Head Coach Brian Durkan has said time and time again since their first loss at Foothill , and again after a loss to Shafter, that the team needs to work on cleaning up on penalties. Durkan spoke to the team after their game,

“That was a tough one, Durkan said "Penalties killed us. I can't fault your effort… penalties hurt and we gotta clean them up.”

Shen the game opened the 'Cats won the toss and deferred.

Chavez got the ball to their own 41. Chavez would drive the ball up the middle in their two first plays with 3rd and 6 on their own 46, Titans quarterback Santana Morales, threw a short pass converting for a 1st down at Taft's 43.

Middle linebacker Andrew Sherrell punched a whole in Chavez’s Offense line, sacking Morales at Taft’s 49 making it 4th and 16. Chavez punted to Taft on 4th down, landing the ball at the Cats own 16. The Cats couldn't get the ball rolling on the offense in the first half. On the 4th drive in the second period Cats got two penalties bogging down the offense. Jackson Berry at quarterback would attempt a pass on 3rd and 10 for an incompletion. Chavez would get the punt at the Cat's own 40. On 2nd and 10 Taft’s 37 Chavez ran for a 16 yard run. 1st and 10 on the 23 Morales throws to a man in the endzone for the first touchdown with 5 minutes in the second quarter. Chavez went for the two point conversion but got stopped short.

The scord stayed at 6-0 until halftime.

Taft took the kickoff with the ball and started from the 31.

The Wildcats offense couldn't get off in the first drive of the third quarter. Chavez' first offfensive possession started at the Cat's 23 yard line. At 5:32 in the third Chavez was on 4th and goal on the 5 yard line, Titan quarterback Santana Mrales threw for touchdown in the endzone. It looked like it would've been an incomplete pass but a defender in the endzone tipped the ball making it to its intended man. Chavez went for another two point conversion but were stonewalled yet again by the Cats defense.

Bradley Reaves got the kickoff, putting the ball at the Cats own 38. Taft drew two flags on 2nd down pushing them back to their own 25 with 24 to go for a 1st down. Berry on 2nd down gets the snap for 55 yard run getting stopped at the Titan’s 21. After the play Chavez got a personal foul bringing the ball to the 11. Taft would get a holding call bringing the ball back to around the 20 where on the following play Chavez would get another block in the back. At 2:40 in the third 10 and goal Berry would make off with the snap for a 10 yard touchdown followed up with a good kick.

At 10:35 in the fourth quarter Taft would get a turnover at their own 31. Berry was able to make a quick 1st down conversion run to the 49. 1:18 Berry throws to Cyris Gaylord on 1st down for a complete pass at the Titans 43. 2nd down Cats rush back to the line, Berry makes another pass completion for a 1st down conversion to Cj Philips. Cats would get a holding call on 3rd down with 18 to go now at the Chavez 47. Berry throws to man down field but it is intercepted by Chavez ending the night 7 to 12.