Taft’ High School's varsity volleyball won on Tuesday night against McFarland.

The Wildcats are now on a three match win streak.

Tuesday's game was set to be an even matchup, Taft and McFarland have split two matches this year. Back in August Taft played McFarland at the Rebel Classic Tournament at South High and won 2-0. In a September South Sequoia League match the Cats got swept by the Cougars 3-0.

In the first sett Tuesday the teams battled it out in a close 25-21. In the second set Mcfarland began to decline, having a difficult time keeping pace with Taft's quick Offense. The Cats took the second set 25-17 and the third set with 21-12. Cats had a total of 34 kills, 10 aces and 68 digs in this matchup. A huge improvement from their last game with Mcfarland where the Cats only totaled 9 kills, 7 aces, and 58 digs.

Leading the girls offense last night in kills was, junior year, Jayde Gonzalez carrying 13 kills in the match. This is the highest in her season, her previous 11 kills back in August in their matchup with chavez. Katelynn Moore also made it big in Tuesday's conference game with the highest digs in a match and her season. Moore got 19 digs in her match up with Mcfarland with her previous record of 16 in August with Arvin. Not too far behind Gonzalez and Moore in kills and digs is Breann Bracken who got 10 kills, 2 aces, and a whopping 10 digs.

Thursday the Wildcats play Ceaser Chavez in Delano.

In Taft's last encounter with Chavez the Cats lost 3-1 taking the first set with 25-17. Though the Cats lost their next three sets they surely kept each one close. Taftis currently in second place in the South Sequoia League. Their league record now is 6-3 with their overall record is 16-10-1.