On Thursday Taft High went up against Wasco for their last away game for the season.

played an intense game with the Tigers. Wasco currently stands undefeated with an overall record of 8-0 and holding a season record of 5-0.

The Cats would lose 32-14 leaving nothing on the field, coach Brian Durkan said.

“We played hard. We suited up 23 guys and played our hearts out. Injuries and grades limited us. Don’t overlook the fact Wasco is undefeated and has had most teams on a running clock in the 2nd half.”

Instead of playing Friday night away at Wasco the Cats had their matchup rescheduled to Thursday night. The decision to reschedule the game actually was made a month in advance due to a shortage of officials.

In the first quarter of the game Jackson Berry threw an 18 yard touchdown pass to Richard Jennings. Later into the second quarter the Cats were on defense at Wascos 44 with a score of 7-8. Wasco quarterback Jacob Ruiz went for a pass attempt on first and 10 but found himself quickly surrounded by Skyler Sutherland and Caleb Kozloski. Ruiz was able to air out the pass before getting tackled for a sack. Instead of finding a Tiger the ball made its way into Berry’s hands and drove the ball into a pile up putting the ball at Wascos 42. Now 1st and 10 on the 42 Berry threw a pass where it nearly was deflected by Wasco but got completed for 10 yard gain by Cj Phillips.

Later into the second half in the 4th quarter the Wildcats trailed 32-7 , but they were not going to make this an easy game for the Tigers. At the Cats own 45 with 1st and 10 to go Berry faked a hand off to Cyris Gaylord. Berry took the ball for a 10 yard conversion at Wascos 45. 1st and 10 at Wascos 30 Berry threw a 20 yard pass to Bradley Reaves completing the pass at the Wasco 10. Berry then ran the ball in for the Cats second Touchdown. The final score for the night was 14-32.

Regardless of the score the Cats performed great. Berry's passing game was fantastic, completing 13 of his 19 pass attempts with 115 yards, his highest in the season. Looking back at the last two games Berry made small passing gains. In the Chavez game Berry had 14 pass attempts, 5 completions with 49 yards, while in Mfarland Berry dropped in pass completions making 3 out 9 attempts but shot up in passing yards with 92. The Cats improved on cleaning up on penalties which durkan said was huge for them. At the end of the Game Durkan spoke to the team, saying he was proud of their effort and "we need to carry that over to Arvin so that we can get into the Division 6 playoffs."