"He will forever be in our hearts and minds as he was the Best Dog Ever"

 To some people Dogs are just that… Dogs. To us Brodie was not a Dog, he was part of our family, our daily routine. He was the office mascot for Black / Hall Construction Inc. and Taft Plumbing Company Inc. He ordered us around by making us take him to potty or to feed him when he wanted something to eat. Oh and if you thought for one second that he wasn’t going to ask you for a bite of yours, you were sadly mistaken. His big brown puppy dog eyes and his demanding bark for a bite would make you give him the last bite of anything you put in your mouth. And don’t forget to put the trash up or he would make it his dinner plate.

Brodie came to us as a small puppy. Mitchel brought him to Black / Hall on his way to Bass Lake on Memorial weekend just 13 short years ago. He was so tiny. Got to meet the whole family that weekend and everyone fell in love with this little bundle of puppy joy (and puppy breath, who doesn’t love some puppy breath).

He would climb in and out of his daddy’s truck daily. In and out of the offices and to and from jobsites. He was man’s best friend. Heck he was everyone’s best friend. People would ask… “Is that your dog?” to which the reply would be “well sort of”, he was Glenn’s dog and he graciously shared him with everyone.

The love Brodie had for people and other animals was extraordinary. He even liked those yippy little Chihuahuas that would try to bite his nose. He would walk away with a “what did I do” look on his face.

Brodie even had to have doggie sitters when mom and dad went out of town and he couldn’t go (which was rare). He was left home alone once and boy was he upset. He decided to chew all the buttons off their patio chairs that day. Well that’s what you get for leaving him unsupervised for the first time ever. He didn’t stay home alone after that.

Brodie… Is a household name in the big city of Taft. He has been and seen more people and places any one person could imagine. Everyone knows Brodie.

Brodie passed to the great beyond on July 2nd 2018, with his faithful companion (Glenn W. Black) by his side. He will forever be in our hearts and minds as he was the Best Dog Ever!