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Chastity LeeAnn Wilson was born in Taft, California on May 3rd, 1984 to Frankie and Donnie Wilson, Big Brother Jeff. She was raised in Maricopa and all of her schooling was at Maricopa School. While in school, she had lots of friends but her best friends were Karissa Wilson and Wendi Howard. These girls were known as the Three Amigo (what these girls didn’t think of doing). She also played High School sports, basketball being her favorite. She has a close relationship with her cousin Kristopher and Kyle, they were always there for her.

Donnie and Chastity had a very special friendship (they were best buddies). She loved to watch scary movies so they spent many weekends watching them. Her favorite movie was Gremlins, that is where she got her nickname Gizmo. Later on, her dad shortened it to Mo and he always called her Mo from that day on. They loved to go fishing together and hunting. Chasity would help her dad dress out a deer. (She loved fishing until one day she noticed hairy legged boys).

Chastity and Jeff spent time together laughing and sometimes fighting but always there for each other. Jeff went and got certified to become her 4-H Leader.

Chastity, Donnie and Jeff went fishing at Lake Santa Maria, while fishing in the boat Chastity started goofing off and Jeff’s fishing pole went into the lake. (Jeff said, “Dad, we need a bigger boat.”)

Her love and joy of her life was the girls Emily, Aimee, Anyssa and Andrea whom she loved so much and always will. One thing she always truly regrets is not being able to spend time with her nephew Austin Wilson while he was battling cancer. She loved her niece Meghan, and her very special friend and biggest supporter Jose.

Proceeded in death by her mother Frankie Wilson and Uncle Steve Royal. (Her mothers’ death was very hard on her).

She leaves behind her husband Jorge Zamarron, her daughter, Emily, Aimme, Anyssa and Andrea. Her father Donnie Wilson and brother Jeff Wilson and wife. Her nephew Austin Wilson, niece Meghan, papa Hump Royal. Many aunts and uncles. Many cousins and friends.

You will truly always be missed.

This article originally appeared on Taft Midway Driller: Chastity LeeAnn Wilson