Wyatt James Rodart

Wyatt James Rodart was released from his Earthly burden on his seventh birthday, November 12th, 2020, but lives on forever with Jesus Christ.

He was uncompromising in life, as if he knew his time was short, and so he lived it on his terms. He did whatever he wanted to do, and he did it with unrestrained joy and passion. “The Flash”, very appropriately, was his favorite superhero. They both blaze through life with speed and energy, and both used their natural gifts to be heroic and inspiring. A unique blend of stubborn obstinance and silly sweet antics, our Wy-Wy was hard to miss and even harder to stay mad at! 

Wyatt loved baseball, especially his brother Carson’s traveling team, the Cal Kings. The Los Angeles Dodgers were a close second, and his blossoming skills would’ve made him a keeper on both squads. At such an early age, Wyatt’s love and knowledge for the sport was beyond belief. He did get to make a pitching appearance for the Dodgers, throwing out a first pitch last summer while his hero Cody Bellinger looked on. Some would say their 2020 World Series win was for Wyatt, and he sure was excited to get to see that win.

If he wasn’t making you laugh, he was dancing like no one else was watching and smiled with his entire being. But if you got too distracted by that grin, you’d find yourself getting pummeled in card games of all kinds, especially the memory card game, which could have led to a career as a Vegas card counter.

Wyatt loved food like a fish loves water, but he’d gladly share his snacks with his two best friends: his brother Carson and his dog Boston. Speaking of water, our Wyatt knew how to relax. He may have chosen to splash in the pool or soak in the tub with one of his favorite bath bombs after a long day of his usual shenanigans.

He was our Renaissance boy, full of layers and passions and possibilities. This was reflected in the many relationships he made. If you were blessed to have one of those, please treasure it, as there wasn’t another like it. He loved in a unique and precious way with each person in his life.

In the last year and half, he took on cancer with the same attitude he took on the rest of life: competitively, stubbornly, and determined to win. He fought so hard and lived so intensely that sometimes you wouldn’t even think he was sick.  He was the epitome of courage and strength.

Wyatt did indeed win, although painfully for us, his victory is the prize of eternal life in Heaven. We cannot thank Dr. Koschmann, his research team, UCSF pediatric oncology department, and all medical professionals enough that took part in caring for Wyatt. 

In our pain and exhaustion, we are leaving out family members, friends, and community members who have kept us going on this journey. We will never forget your generosity and support.

Wyatt is survived by his parents Christine and Jacob Rodart, brother Carson Rodart, grandparents, Neil and Teresa Rodart and Nanette and John Scalia. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins Heather and Donny Spring (Callum), Melissa Perry and Aaron Schneider (Giana), Laci Rodart (Ezekial and Tehya), Ryan Smith (James), and countless friends he made on the baseball fields, through cross country travels, daycare/school, campgrounds, football sidelines, store aisles, and even Disneyland.

He would also be proud to know of the “friends to be” he’s going to help because of the advances made by research he participated in during his treatment.

There is no greater grief than the loss of a child. The family asks that you raise them in prayer, in faith that they will be reunited in the Kingdom of Heaven.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you please consider donating to one of these foundations/organizations that graciously supported them during their journey: Dr. Koschmann - Koschmann Lab Michigan Medicine, Fozzy’s toy room at San Francisco Family House, The ChadTough Foundation, Nobody Fights Alone Foundation, Hoffmann Hospice, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Angel Flight West, or The Wyatt Rodart Memorial Scholarship Fund at TUHS.

A Celebration of Life will be held on Monday November 30th, 2020 at 6:00 PM. Westside Believers Fellowship. 101 Hwy 33, Taft Ca 93268. An outdoor service at the church will be an option for those interested. A private graveside service preceded at Westside District Cemetery in Taft.

Published on November 21, 2020