Team repeats last year's feat, goes for Valley next

Last week the Taft High girls track and field team won the SSL Championships for the first time in almost 10 years. Coach Newton and his team have had an exciting season, and it isn't over just yet. On Wednesday, Newton’s team took part in the CIF Division 2 Championships.

Last year, the girls took 1st place out of 30 teams. This year, they did it again, they won the CIF Division 2 Championships with a score of 168. Quite a feat considering some of the competition that is out there.

The boys team ended up with a 15th place finish out of 36 schools, which is also a good showing for the school. Next weekend will be the CIF Central Section Championships.

Macayla Wells has had an outstanding season as a freshman. She jumped her personal best 38 feet 10 inches in the triple jump event at the Patriot Games this season and had the highest mark in the Central Section in the event. She also moved into the number two spot in the section record books for freshman. The first place holder has a record of 39 feet 9.5 inches. She also broke the Taft High Pole Vault record of 9 feet with a mark of 9 feet 3 inches, but then posted a mark of 9 feet 6 inches in the SSL Championship and the Division 2 Championships. She also broke the long jump record with a mark of 17 feet 3 inches, then beat her own mark with a jump of 18 feet 1 inch at the SSL meet. She also set a personal best time of 15.38 in the 100 meter hurdle event Wednesday at the D2 Championships.

Caitlin Bailey is another member of the team who has had an extraordinary season. She has consistently finished first in the high jump event all season long. 10 events with a first place finish is remarkable. She was also invited to the Arcadia Invitational earlier in the season along with Wells.

Sophomore Bree Johansen made a big impact this year in the 100 meter and 200 meter event. She placed either first or second in most races. She is also a valuable member of the 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams.

Another strong member of the team is Isabella Nuncio. She has had very good showings in the 100, 200 and 300 meter hurdles events. She almost always finished in the top three and enjoyed a first place finish in the 300 meter event at the SSL Championships.

Coach Newton has quite an arsenal of talent on his squad. His team should continue to do well over the next few years as most of these girls are freshman and sophomores, with the exception of Bailey who will graduate this year.

Here are the results of the CIF Div. 2 Championships.

Mens Varsity 200 meters
12. Roberto Frausto 23.52

Mens Varsity 400 meters
1. Roberto Frausto 51.11
9. Tyler Terrell 53.31

Mens Varsity 800 meters
13. Roberto Frausto 2:07.27

Mens Varsity 300m Hurdles
12. Brett Walls 44.60

Mens Varsity 4x400 Relay
11. Roberto Frausto, Tyler Terrell, Chase Cortez, Oscar Arrellano 3:36.08

Mens Varsity High Jump
8. PadraigNull-Silva 5' 08”

Mens Varsity Pole Vault
5. Jonathan Hopkins 12' 06”

Mens Varsity Triple Jump
6. Tyler Terrell 40' 04.50”

Womens Varsity 100 meters
2. Bree Johansen 12.45

Womens Varsity 200 meters
2. Bree Johansen 25.57

Womens Varsity 100m Hurdles
1. Macayla Wells 15.38
6. Caitlin Bailey 16.44
7. Isabella Nuncio 16.68

Womens Varsity 300m Hurdles
5. Caitlin Bailey 49.28
13. Isabella Nuncio 52.18

Womens Varsity 4x100 Relay
14. Taylor Hale, Mariah Nevarez, Sierra Kozloski, Morgan Pulido 54.70

Womens 4x400 Relay
4. Mariah Nevarez, Taylor Hale, Isabella Nuncio, Bree Johansen 4:12.61

Womens Varsity Shot Put
7. Hailey Pulido 33' 09”
19. Willow Pilgrim 29' 09”

Womens Varsity High Jump
1. Caitlin Bailey 5' 06”

Womens Varsity Pole Vault
2. Macayla Wells 9' 06”

Womens Varsity Long Jump
2. Macayla Wells 17' 08”
3. Bree Johansen 17' 02.50”
10. Morgan Pulido 15' 01”
13. Caitlin Bailey 14' 11”

Womens Varsity Triple Jump
1. Macayla Wells 38' 06”
9. Cherise Strong 33' 00”