Taft ends season at 2-8 after starting 2-0

The varsity Wildcat football team ended their season with a loss to the Arvin Bears 49-7. This was not the way that the team wanted to end the season, winless in league play.

At the beginning of the season the team had two wins over Kern Valley and California City. Things were looking good, the 3 yard a down mentality seemed to be working and the boys were having fun.

When the boys then traveled to Tehachapi, that is when everything began to unravel for the team. The Wildcats went on to lose eight straight games in a row. As the games progressed, the teams style of play was becoming more and more apparent to the opponents and they were able to shut the team down.

Not to say that the run game was ineffective, but rather the opponents were better prepared to slow our offense down. We moved the ball well at times, but turn overs at crucial moments in drives hurt the team all season.

Even though the team was having trouble finding success on the field, they showed the kind of character that they had during each game. They never stopped hustling and refused to lay  down for the other teams, no matter what the score was.

As the team loses a batch of players who are seniors, there is a new group of boys ready to step in and take their spot. The JV team had a successful season going 6-1 and finishing second in league.

Some of these boys have been playing together for several years and you can see the synergy that they have when they play. It should be interesting to see how next season pans out. Until then, congratulations to both the JV and varsity teams.