Taft will be playing at Shafter Tuesday

The varsity boys Wildcat basketball team had a home game last Thursday night against the RFK Thunderbirds. The home stand were packed and got to enjoy a Taft victory 59-48 over RFK.

The game started with the Wildcats tearing up and down the court at a furious pace. They were out rebounding the Thunderbirds on both ends of the court.

The boys were moving the ball easily around the court and driving to the basket at will. At the end of the first quarter, Dylan Self dribbled the length of the court and then stopped on a dime to shoot a fade away jump shot over his defender to score and end the quarter.

The second quarter saw the Wildcats come out with the same pace and determination as the first. The Thunderbirds managed to stay in the game and at halftime the score was 33-23 in favor of Taft.

During the halftime, the 6th, 7th and 8th boys and girls basketball teams were brought into the court and the players were announced in front of the home fans. The kids enjoyed it, as was evident from the smiles they wore as they heard there names on the loud speaker.

In the second half, the boys slowed down just a bit but found it harder to get good looks at the basket like they did in the first half. RFK put more pressure on the boys at both ends of the court.

Taft would have a couple good bursts and then go cold, which allowed the Thunderbirds to stay just close enough to make the game interesting. The boys overcame a late surge at the end of the game by RFK and got a well deserved victory.

Dylan Self led the team with 28 points. He also grabbed three rebounds, three assists, three steals and two blocks in the game. Connor McAfee scored 14 points and had seven rebounds, four assists, two steals and two blocks.

Blake Smith put 10 points on the board and led the team in rebounds with 11. He also added two assists, a steal and a block. Austin Massey added four points, a rebound, three assists and four steals. Tyler Terrell scored three points, grabbed six rebounds, had four assists and five steals.

Van Reimers added three rebounds, Jackdon Van Roekel had a rebound and a steal and Jeremiah Jeffries added a rebound.

The team will be in Shafter Tuesday taking on the Generals.