It will not have one for football season but wants to fund a digital video scoreboard for the future


By Doug Keeler

Midway Driller Editor


There will be no functioning scoreboard at Martin Memorial Stadium for Taft Union High School's football games this season, but the school is developing big plans to replace it.

The community is a big part of those plans

The old scoreboard is 20 years old, has been falling apart, and it's impossible to find replacement parts.

It's going to be impossible to get a new one up before the season ends in November.

So athletic Director Robert Ramirez brought a proposal to the TUHSD Board of Trustees for a new, state of the art digital video scoreboard.

The plan calls for funding to be a community project funded through donations and sponsorships with the big donors getting advertising time on the scoreboard.

Ramirez brought a plan to fund the new scoreboard, estimated to cost about $144,000, and had a model picked out.

However, the District is unable to move forward with the purchase at this point. Because of the cost, the District is required to go out for bid and couldn't act Tuesday night because it was not on the agenda. 

Th Board voted to table the project, and have staff prepare a bid package.

Depending on how that process goes, the Board could either wait until its next regular meeting on Sept. 9 or call a special meeting before then.
The bid process will take at least a month, and Ramirez said it will be six weeks from the time a scoreboard is ordered until it is delivered, installed and ready to go.

Ramirez' proposal calls for the scoreboard to be financed over a seven-year term at 3.159% interest. But it won't be paid for out of school money.

Fundraising and sponsorships along with advertising on the outside of the scoreboard for large donors will cover the costs. Regular users of the stadium will be asked to contribute.

He said the Scoreboard will be used for more than just football and soccer games. It is also used for graduation ceremonies for TUHS, Lincoln Jr. High and Taft College and the video scoreboard can be used for school events like movie night.

For TUHS, a large video screen could be a money saver in the long run. Board member Julie Ortleib has spoken out several times about the annual cost of providing video screens for graduation, about $12,000 per year.