Taft moves to 3-0 in SSL

The Varsity Girls' Tennis Team play McFarland on Thursday, and won by a score of 9-0.  This makes Taft 3-0 in SSL play.  McFarland falls to 0-7.

The Wildcats have a busy schedule next week. 

On Tuesday, they play Chavez at home, and on Thursday, they play Wasco also at home.  Friday & Saturday they are in the 12 team Wasco doubles tournament.

Taft's current ladder is as follows:

   1.  Arelie Paz

   2.  Valerie Munoz

   3.  Jessica DeLaCruz

   4.  Jeidi Perez

   5.  Cindy Perez

   6.  Evonne Gutierrez

   7.  Gaby Augilar

   8.  Anna Solorzano

   9.  Kaylee Pence

In their first three league matches, Taft has won 26 of 27 individual matches.