If Taft can get the win, there is still some hope to reach the playoffs.

The varsity football team had a bye week last week and will be headed to McFarland this week to take on the Cougars. Neither team has won a game in league play, so both teams will be eager to break into that win column.

The season has not gone completely how the Wildcats would have liked. The team put a new offense in place and has added some new coaches, plenty of positive changes to get everyone excited. The Wildcats won three out of four game before league games began.

Coming off of an 0-6 regular season last year, there were signs of hope that things had turned around for this team. A rash of injuries has plagued the team during the last couple of weeks and of course that was when they started playing league games. 

Now are injuries the sole problem for the Wildcats? No, they are not, but they certainly are not helping them either. A 78-13 loss at RFK was definitely an eye opener and certainly asked the question, are the Thunderbirds that good or did Taft just have a bad game?

In the game against Shafter, things did not get any better. The team lost 48-15. The offense had no spark and the defense was having trouble making tackles. The bye week could not have come at a better time for this team, it gives them a chance to start over so to speak. Hopefully they got a chance to work on some things that will make them a stronger team, the talent is there to win, I have no doubt about that. The team just needs to focus and come together as a team and play like they can.

With only four games left in season play, the Wildcats need this game to be their turning point. The Wildcats have scored the fewest points in their division with only 28 and have given up the second most with 126. Only McFarland has allowed more with 137.

Both teams are coming into Friday's game riding a losing streak, both teams are winless in league play. If Taft can get the win, there is still some hope to reach the playoffs. If they lose, memories of last season will start to creep in and, who knows what happens from there.