Wildcats won the game 26-21

The varsity Wildcat football team went to McFarland last Friday night to play against the Cougars in the Battle of the Cats. A trophy was designed for this newly formed rivalry, and the Wildcats will be able to admire it for the next year as they won the game 26-21.

The Cougars jumped on the scoreboard first and took a 7-0 lead. Taft answered back with a touchdown of their own. Jackson Berry was playing quarterback and threw a pass to Jacob Ellis who was able to outrun the defense and get in the endzone.

The Wildcat defense held the Cougars deep in their own end and forced a punt. The punt attempt was blocked and Kyler Miles was able to recover it in the endzone and add another six points on the board for his team.

The 'Cats were unable to convert the extra point and set up for the kick off. McFarland could not get control of the kick off and the Wildcats were able to recover the ball. Jackson Berry began the drive and Berry kept the ball and took it down the outside for another Taft touchdown to make the score 20-7.

All of this was just in the first quarter of play. In the second quarter, the action died down a little bit but both teams were able score again before halftime to make the score 26-14. In the third quarter it was a back and forth game with neither team able to find the endzone after the frantic first half.

Finally in the fourth quarter, the Cougars scored to make the game 26-21. The Cougar defense then stepped up and stopped the Wildcats drive. The Wildcat defense turned around and did the same thing when the Cougars went to the air, Corbin Yaws intercepted the ball and looked to be headed for the endzone but got his legs tangled with a defender and was brought down. The Wildcats were unable to come away with any more points and the Cougars began what would probably be the final drive of the game.

They moved down the field and the Cougars quarterback was looking for a deep ball and finally found his target and let it fly. Only down five points, the game rested on this throw. The ball found the receiver in the endzone but it bounced out of his hands and out of bounds.

The Wildcats had done it, they won their first league game and won the Battle of the Cats and would take the trophy back to school with them. The team is now 1-2 in league play.

The majority of the teams points came in the first quarter and then one final score in the second quarter. The Cougars defense figured out Wildcat offense and shut them down. The defense will not be able to rely on those types of things happening every week to help them get points on the board.

They will be hosting Chavez this week for the Homecoming game and the Titans are at 3-1 in league play.