Hamilton to play at University of the Pacific, Wescott going to Alfred University

During a student's time in high school, sometimes they take steps that are small and sometimes they take steps that are big. On National Signing Day, Raygan Wescott and Reagan Hamilton took a huge step towards their future after they graduate high school.

Both girls signed a National Letter of Intent to play collegiate softball. Raygan Wescott will be attending Alfred University in New York. Reagan Hamilton will be attending University of the Pacific to play softball for the Tigers.

Family members, friends and faculty from the high school were all in attendance to watch as these young ladies took one step closer to their future. Coach Adeana Furman was the first one brought up to the stage and she had some encouraging words for Reagan Hamilton.

Coach Furman began by saying, “I have enjoyed coaching Reagan for three out her four years here. She turned into a three sport athlete in her junior year, I have coached her in volleyball and basketball. She is a workhorse, she is very competitive and will do anything on or off the court to make sure she gets that W. You can't coach that or teach that, kids either have it or they don't and Reagan definitely has it. She has worked really hard and will go far in whatever she chooses to do in life. She is a natural born leader and is important to any team she is on. “

She continued, “Athletics is about the promise of the individual and encouraging the promise to come forward. When that happens, it is a wonderful moment. When an individual shows promise and fulfills it, we have the duty to congratulate that individual, they have shown us and reminded us what we are capable of being and what we are capable of doing. Tonight we celebrate an athlete who has displayed hard work and shown a desire to drive above and beyond the minimum required. It has been an honor to coach Reagan, I hope she will serve as an inspiration to the rest of us. She has impressed me more often then not through the years with her hard work and determination, her enthusiasm and spirit are infectious and this opportunity is well deserved.” You could see the emotion in coach Furman as she talked about Reagan. The two shared a hug after she had finished speaking.

Next up to the stage was the music teacher, Amanda Posey , to share some thoughts and words of praise about Raygan Wescott. She began by talking about when she met her seven years ago. “I went to the eighth grade graduation to see my son Ricky graduate and I watched as this young lady got up and sang in front of pretty much the whole town. That is the moment I realized that Raygan Wescott does not hesitate, she moves. Not every eighth grader is brave enough to stand up in front of a microphone and sing at the graduation.”

She went on to talk about things she did back in Washington DC on a band trip, doing things for the band's performances, all while praising the fact that this young lady does not hesitate to do anything. Mrs. Posey went on to say, “For the last seven years you did not hesitate, and over the next seven years,

if you get to a point where you have to hesitate, should I go hang out with these people, should I go to this activity, should I prioritize my time like that, I know and I have the confidence that you have the brains and the bravery to make those decisions. I am super proud of you for how much you have balanced, how you share your talent with everyone, not just the cool kids or the smart kids but every person that walks through or doesn't walk through , you still include them in your life and it is a beautiful thing to watch and see. We will miss you so much. Raygan you are ready.” 

Coach Russell Emberson was the last speaker to talk about these girls, “When these girls decided that they wanted to play ball in college, I know we talked to them and make sure that they have the grades and make sure that they have something that stands out about them, just the hard work and effort that I see them put in day in and day out as they work with us. These girls have made all league and have been league MVP's, they have put the time in. Reagan Hamilton is a three sport athlete, Raygan Wescott, I don't even know all the things she does. I just know she comes to me at practice and says coach I have to run and I tell her to give me two more ground balls and then get out of here. They both put in the effort, they have the the drive and determination to know that whatever they set out to achieve, I have no doubt that they will succeed.”

Reagan Hamilton got up and thanked her family, coaches and friends, “Thank you for all the sacrifices that you have made which have allowed me to play the sport that I love and making all of this possible. I wouldn't be the person and player I am today without all of you.”

Raygan Wescott also got up and thanked her friends and family and coaches. She said, “I had a speech all written out but I left it in my car. I want to thank my family for supporting me, also my boyfriend and his family.”

What a special night for these two ladies. They are both going on to not only play softball in college and get a great education, they are making their first moves toward adulthood. The time and effort that not only these girls have put forth, but also their families as well cannot be stated enough. To often students and athletes are satisfied with doing the bare minimum, but the two young ladies have shown that they are both willing and able to do so much more and hope to go on to great things in their lives. We congratulate on your accomplishments and wish you nothing but success in your futures.