Chamber responds to Facebook criticism

From the Taft Chamber
Taft Midway Driller

The recent Midway Driller article that announced the probable cancellation of the Trout Derby and the Christmas Parade was met with an angry push-back from FaceBookers, many of whom are generally calm, thoughtful people.

What this reaction tells those of us who are charged with carrying out state and county decisions is that 1) the Christmas Parade is very important to the City of Taft and its people, 2) many people do not understand what it takes to plan and pull-off an event such as a parade (and to be fair, they don’t need to . . . organizations are in place to do that for them), and 3) everyone is DONE with the whole COVID thing—particularly when COVID has been used as the reason for everything negative that is happening (or not happening) in our lives.

Those among us who are charged with carrying out COVID-related decisions about important stuff, e.g., schools, restaurants, hair salons, bars, gyms, and gatherings . . . such as parades, are not those who actually make the decisions. Sometimes in our disappointment, we forget that. We get frustrated, and we get angry . . . often at the wrong people.

Because the decision-makers who decide how we will go about life with COVID (by now, in this eighth month of various lockdowns) have done so in such a seemingly capricious, willy-nilly way, we have lost faith in their good intentions, and we are tired of what seems like their excuses, their CYA, and their motives.

So here it is, my fellow Taftians: Your Taft Chamber is deeply committed to giving the citizens of Taft every chance for a great time and awesome events, with high-quality planning, collaboration, support, and promotion of all that is good about living in our fair City. But we will not put our Chamber at risk by defying the protocols placed upon us for numbers in gatherings (so far, a “cruise” is not a gathering), and we will not produce a parade that has no throngs of gathered people sitting on the curbs cheering and no children, students, and adults traveling down Center, waving to friends and family.

And we haven’t forgotten Christmas! We are working on ideas that can help us celebrate the joys of the holidays, hopefully, with a cruise night (complete with seasonally-decorated cars), pictures with Santa (in a new format), and other surprises in the making.

We love that you care about the traditions Taft has come to cherish. Know that your Chamber feels the same.