To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at this location, call 661-868-0165.

By Doug Keeler
Taft Midway Driller
  • Kern County offering vaccine at fairgrounds

 The COVID-19 mass vaccination site at the Kern County Fairgrounds is accepting appointments for Wednesday, February 10 through Saturday, February 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at this location, call 661-868-0165.

California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan is prioritized based on high risk groups that are defined in several phases as well as tiers within those phases. Currently, those in Phase 1A - healthcare workers, and those 65 years of age and older are eligible for vaccination.

The Fairgrounds site is opening services gradually as vaccine remains extremely limited. The first phase is walk-up and by appointment-only, averaging 600 doses per day, which we are prepared to increase based upon vaccine allotment from the state.

For residents who received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the Fairgrounds:

Approximately one week prior to when your 2nd dose is due, you will receive a phone call from our team to schedule your visit at the phone number you provided when you scheduled your original appointment. If you did not receive a phone call, please call 661-321-3000 one week prior to when your second dose is due to schedule your appointment. Bring your vaccination card to your second dose appointment. If you have misplaced your card, please call 661-321-3000 prior to your scheduled second dose appointment to have a replacement card created.   

For more information, visit the health department website at for current vaccination information and resources. Additionally, an interactive map is available identifying other community providers who are currently offering vaccinations.