Tower will look like old wooden water tank

Taft Midway Driller
View of how cell tower will look from north side of intersection of Tenth and Kern

Construction is underway on a new stealth cell tower near downtown that will look like an old wooden water tank.

nullThe AT&T tower is going up in a corner of a small vacant lot on Tenth Street rear of the Fastrip at Tenth and Kern.

When completed, it will stand 75 feet tall with a 33-foot tall water tower supported by a 42-foot four-post lattice structure, according to City of Taft staff reports.

The "barrel" of the tank structure is 26 feet in diameter and will contain 32 antennas. The "barrel" will screen the antennas but it will not affect their signal, according to the staff reports.

The water tank itself will be painted tan with faux wood panels.

The entire project will be built on a 961-square foot area and be contained by a solid metal fence. It will include the tower, a 50-square foot equipment enclosure and a cement pad for an emergency generator.

The project was approved by the Taft Planning Commission in June 2020.